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Wise Counseling, Inc.

Individual and Couples Therapy – EMDR for Trauma

Welcome – and congratulations on taking your first step toward an empowered life!

We offer a wide array of resources to help. Whether you’re battling relationship difficulties, dealing with the effects of trauma, or simply feeling a general dissatisfaction with life, we’ll provide you with the insight, tools and techniques needed to regain a sense of peace and satisfaction.

Reconnecting with your true-self awaits!

, Wise Counseling, Inc.
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Our Mission:

To empower, enlighten, uplift and inspire through evidence-based treatments that address the whole person – mind, body & spirit. We offer a safe and encouraging space within which to grow into the highest version of yourself, thereby increasing both effectiveness and life satisfaction.

Our Services:

, Wise Counseling, Inc.
Individual Psychotherapy
While we all have challenges, you are not defined by those challenges. We use a strength-based approach, based on the latest research, to help you find real solutions.
, Wise Counseling, Inc.
Couples Counseling
Bringing peace back to your home is possible. Our couples counseling focuses on improving communication, increasing self-awareness and returning the fun and romance to your relationship.
, Wise Counseling, Inc.
We believe in treating the whole person – mind, body & spirit. A sense of faith is an asset to resilience. We are happy to incorporate spirituality into your therapy, if desired.
, Wise Counseling, Inc.
EMDR Therapy for Trauma
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a proven, drug-free treatment for PTSD, depression, anxiety and and array of other concerns.
, Wise Counseling, Inc.
Groups and Retreats
Connecting with others and nature can have extraordinary benefits to our overall sense of well-being. We promote a practice of mindfulness and gratitude.

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, Wise Counseling, Inc.

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