Brandon Wise-Masters, MS Ed, Practice Administrator

, Brandon Wise-Masters, MS Ed, Practice Administrator
Brandon Wise-Masters
Masters Level Counseling Student and Practice Administrator

My name is Brandon Wise-Masters, and I’m the Practice Administrator and a Mental Health Counseling student currently performing my clinicals at the University of Miami.

             I’m a teacher turned therapist with a passion for serving others. I began my career as a high school English teacher working with Teach for America and Americorps in Eastern North Carolina, and then transitioned to working in higher education and completing my first Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. During my time working with students, I’ve honed in on my passion for therapy. While I loved teaching, I’ve learned that it wasn’t the content I was passionate about – it was the ability to help others heal, find their purpose, and follow their passions that made me excited to wake up each morning.

In my moments of deep reflection and meditation, I feel resolve and excitement knowing this is the path I am meant to take. My heart is full when I’m working with the community around me, my best work stems from a passion to serve those who need it most, and my voice is strongest when advocating for others. Far too often people view themselves as average, ordinary, or anything other than what they actually are – exceptional.

I’m currently in my final year at the University of Miami, working towards completing my M.S.Ed in Mental Health Counseling, and look forward to joining the Wise Counseling Inc. team as a clinician in the Fall of 2024 – but, until then, I am enjoying my role as the Practice Administrator, providing support and assistance to the clinicians within the practice and learning all I can along the way.


I’m a young professional with a passion for education, advocacy, and inspiring change.

Brandon Wise-Masters, M.S. Ed.
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