Marci Wise, MA, LMHC

Areas of Specialty: EMDR for trauma and attachment-focused/relational issues, Couples Counseling, Personal Empowerment / Co-dependency resources, Anxiety reduction/Mindfulness practice, Spiritual Awakening, Positive Psychology/Self-esteem building.

, Marci Wise, MA, LMHC
Marci Wise, M.A., LMHC
Director, Wise Counseling, Inc.

As the Director of Wise Counseling, Inc., it’s my calling and commitment to help you find peace and empowerment, regardless of your circumstances.

Analytical from an early age, I remember watching my family’s interactions with a sense of detached curiosity. What made people act a certain way with each other? What were these forces that drew us together – and what pulled us apart from time to time? I was a student of human nature and longed to know more about the mysterious forces that were at play in our lives.

As I grew older, I combined my love of psychology with a degree in mass communications, working as a journalist, television producer and motivational author focused on helping people find more fulfillment in their daily lives. It was a road that led me to some interesting destinations and gave me a front row seat to witness life from a wide variety of angles; from the gritty aftermath of crimes and natural disasters – to the glitz and glamour of the rich and famous. Yet, underneath it all, there was an awareness of the human struggle, not just in others but also in myself.

Around 2006, while at the top of my game professionally, and happy to be a wife and mother, my world began to unravel from the inside out. My energy level fell drastically (for no apparent reason) as did my overall motivation for life. This new, hampered state affected all aspects of my existence – the ease of my relationship, satisfaction within my career, and my ability to be an effective parent. I was frightened that I was losing my grasp on all the things that I held most dear – and feared that I might lose them.  I was eventually diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder and, during the economic decline of 2007, laid-off from my job. It was a drastic stripping of my identity that challenged every idea of who ‘I thought I was.’

Little did I know at the time that this series of unfortunate events would become the biggest blessing of my life. While difficult and emotional, it forced me to get real about everything that I wanted – and everything that I stood for. While in the midst of the confusion, I used my journalistic skills to research history for information on other people whose lives had drastically fallen apart, sending them into a tailspin. I found there were many – and discovered the concept of the “dark night of the soul” – a well-established pattern where desperate people eventually arise anew – stronger, wiser, and more connected to their ultimate purpose. My moments within the “dark night” were nothing short of miraculous. This powerful experience changed my life and showed me that through our darkest moments can come the greatest gifts. In fact, it lead me to document the experience in the book “Pain, Passion & Purpose.”

Not only had my circumstances changed, but I had changed as well. I was now clear on my own life path of helping people to heal and find clarity in their own moments of darkness. I began to spread the light – through an online radio show, as an inspirational magazine columnist, and by obtaining my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

, Marci Wise, MA, LMHC

Since that time, as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I’ve helped clients deal with challenges such as anxiety, trauma, relationship issues and the after-effects of human trafficking. I’ve worked to empower both individuals and couples to find greater life satisfaction. I specialize in EMDR Therapy for trauma which enables people to let go of what no longer serves them – and begin to feel like their true selves again. Along the way I’ve also developed a passion for teaching the tenets of mindfulness to enable clients to regain a cherished sense of inner peace.

What I’ve discovered is that, as human beings, we have been designed to heal. Wherever pain presents itself is an opportunity for growth, if you can see beyond the immediate chaos. It is my honor and privilege to accompany others through their darkest moments and help them find the gifts contained within.


As an EMDR International Association Certified Therapist, I specialize in treating trauma of all kinds, helping individuals and couples put the past in the past, where it belongs.

Marci Wise
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