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I was referred to Marci by a friend and I immediately felt like I had known her my whole life. She made me feel so comfortable and let me choose the path I wanted to take in my therapy journey. I went in for EMDR and trauma counseling, and Marci is truly the best at what she does. I have been to multiple therapists in the past and nothing compared to the counseling I received from Marci. She made such an impact on my life that I was sad to see my counseling sessions end. Whatever you’re looking to accomplish in therapy, even if it’s just to have someone listen, Marci can do it all!
-HC, Naples

I was hesitant to begin counseling at first, because I didn’t know what was wrong. I thought if I couldn’t tell her then she wouldn’t be able to help me. What I did know was that even though I was holding myself together on the outside, I was drowning in panic attacks, fear, avoidance, exhaustion and shame on the inside. I didn’t want to live like that anymore.
What I appreciated most about Marci is that she always took great care to honor the events and memories of the childhood and adult traumas I shared with her, both through her words and actions. In her office I mattered. She gave me a voice by allowing me to control the pace we moved at. I was given a voice and a choice every step of the way, which was the opposite of what I had experienced many times in my life. Little by little, with her patience and consistency, I realized I was in a safe place where I could be completely honest, with no fear of judgment.
Marci is a very knowledgeable, warm and experienced counselor, especially in treating trauma of all types. She worked with me using a variety of approaches, including EMDR. Today, I am no longer at the mercy of my memories, and am deeply grateful for the time I spent working with her.

-Whole and Happy, Fort Myers

After over 25 years of marriage, the toxicity in our marriage came to a head and my husband and I found ourselves either committing to work on our marriage through intensive therapy or divorcing.  When we came to Marci, we were without hope, at the end of our abilities to help our situation in any way.  Marci took our case and made our marriage her client.  She never took sides, but only worked to facilitate true healthiness and wholeness for us both.  We continued in therapy for two years, and we are in a healthy place with our marriage and couldn’t be happier.  We went from not being able to live together, to being able to live together and flourish in our marriage in a way that is nothing short of miraculous.  We call Marci our angelic gift from God.  It was because of her rare gift and knowledge in counseling and EMDR therapy that we are functioning today in a way that is wonderful for our marriage, our family and all those around us.
~Flourishing in Fort Myers

I am a patient who has Dissociative Identity Disorder, I have been in therapy for years and there was really no hope for me, only management of extreme suffer. After finding Marci, I was finally given not only immense hope and inspiration, but her method for EMDR has been beyond effective for me in recovering from deep wounds, some not even able to be recalled. She is the facilitator for bridging the understanding between your mind and your heart, a true soul level achievement and comprehension. I am able to move on in ways I never thought would be possible with a lifelong disorder such as mine. I am beyond grateful to have been guided here, as she is heartfelt and profoundly caring. There is a reason she has found this calling, and it goes past changing lives.

-AD, Fort Myers

There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for the guidance and support I have received from Marci over the last 6 months. I was dealing with a complicated family conflict with my adult daughter and felt that my world was coming to an end. Together, Marci helped me open the door to self awareness, which lead to setting realistic boundaries, the ability to detach with love and to be thankful for the many blessings in my life. Every morning, I try to start my day with this thought, “The only person I can truly control — is myself.” Through Marci’s compassionate, caring, and professional expertise I have regained a sense of serenity back in my life.

Serenity on Sanibel, JTJ

I feel very fortunate and grateful that I found Marci Wise.  Her skill and ability to understand my issues and work me through them is excellent. Her environment is calm, relaxing and safe.  I was able to feel all of this which enabled me to open up completely to her and get the help I needed.  I was also seeking someone for EMDR therapy.  Marci is very qualified and very good at this therapy.  I feel happy and am enjoying life for the first time in many years.  I knew when I walked in the door that I was in the right place.  I highly recommend Marci Wise. 
~KK, Naples FL

My experience at Wise Counseling has absolutely been life changing. Choosing to go to counseling has been the second best thing I’ve done, next to giving my life to Christ. Today I can truly say that I’ve been healed and restored back to the real me. I’m now able to encourage others to trust that therapy works, but we have to believe it’s what we need. The EMDR allowed me to confront every emotion and memories that I never knew had such a stronghold on me. Now my mind has been liberated and I’m able to walk into my true destiny. It’s so important to seek help if needed so you can overcome every lie. It can help you to recreate a story worth truly being remembered. I know and believe that “I do matter and I am worthy of being loved” because of you Mrs. Wise. My family and I thank you for everything that you have done for me and you’re truly appreciated. —

JB, Fort Myers

I came to Marci in need of a transformation and she provided the safe space and expertise to facilitate it. I’ve seen quite a few therapists over the years, and Marci is without a doubt of the highest caliber. She is professional yet caring and in-tune with her clients and their needs. Her knowledge of EMDR therapy and how to use it to get to the root of issues that had been plaguing me for many years was incredible. Her words of empowerment echo in my heart and I can’t recommend her enough! 
-MW, Naples, FL

I am an experienced therapy-goer and self help reader. I have knowledge and respect for self care and have developed great practices. Generally I have ease and joy in my life, however there are underlying energy and health issues that have made me wonder if they stem from unresolved emotional issues so I sought out EMDR. It’s science. It felt like unhelpful unconscious patterns loosen their grip and create room for living your fullest potential. Marci is super professional with a warm and inviting way about her. With Covid19, the system Marci and the office had in place felt safe. I am going back when I return for the season for more sessions. I really loved EMDR and I felt a subtle shift in my world.

-HM, Naples

Marci is a great counselor! I highly suggest to see her to help with personal or/and marriage problems. I am very grateful for the help she has given me and it was certainly a life changer. I can’t thank her enough.
– R.R./Fort Myers

Marci Wise is the absolute best at helping you heal and reach your fullest potential. She is professional, non-judgmental, kind, respectful and so highly effective at working through trauma and life events on a deep meaningful level. She is a soul-facilitator and works to integrate the body and soul together to create a sense of wholeness, strength and peace. I was divinely guided to Marci and my life is so much better for it. I told my husband today, if everyone had a Marci the world would be a perfect place! If you find yourself reading this, trust you have been guided to her too and make an appointment.

-AM, Bonita Springs

Offices in both the Fort Myers and Naples, Florida areas

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