, Mind/Body/Spirit

While psychology does not traditionally address matters of the spirit, we believe in honoring each person’s unique approach to life – mind, body and spirit. We welcome your own moral, spiritual and philosophical beliefs. We are committed to helping you find your most authentic life, whatever that may mean to you.

, Mind/Body/Spirit

We combine proven psychological practices with the tenets of practical spirituality to help each client live within in a space of peace, dignity and integrity.

Practical Spirituality:

  • Supports a loving God
  • Facilitates a values-oriented life
  • Provides non-judgment and unconditional positive regard
  • Does not enforce any particular religious dogma
  • Offers strategies for honoring yourself and your divine life purpose

Clinical Psychology:

  • Is backed by evidence-based research
  • Is performed by credentialed clinicians
  • Follows professionally mandated guidelines
  • Promotes goal-setting
  • Measures progress to improve therapeutic gains
  • Supports the Scientific Method

Be Still, and know that I am God – Psalm 46:10

Individual Psychotherapy – Being a Vessel

, Mind/Body/Spirit

Having beliefs and holding true to those beliefs can be a challenge in our competitive world. We will help you find strategies for staying connected to your highest self in order to live a life of integrity and empowerment. When your God-given light is honored and shielded, you are able to share your greatest positive impact with the world around you and walk with grace and gratitude.

With God all things are possible – Matthew 19:26

Couples Counseling – To Honor and Cherish

, Mind/Body/Spirit

A shared faith is an asset to loving relationships and can help us to find strength and resolve in a world full of distractions. While maintaining a sense of connection in our busy world can be a challenge, calling upon the tenets of our faith – in order to truly love, honor and cherish one another – is possible. We will help you step into your familial role, whatever that may be, with dignity, pride and gratitude.

I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight – Isaiah 45:2

EMDR and Christianity – The Role of Suffering

, Mind/Body/Spirit

The one human commonality is the experience of suffering. No life can avoid it. It’s purpose, to transform us into a higher version of ourselves. Our soul’s journey, and the role that healing (EMDR) must play, can be compared to Christ’s own journey.

The Christian Six-Stage Parallel:

Our Suffering:

Christ’s Crucifixion:

Stage One

Avoidance – We are resistant to face the problem.

Gethsemane – “Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me.”

Stage Two

Surrender – We realize that something must be done and we seek solutions.

Surrender to God’s Will – “Not my will, but yours.”

Stage Three

EMDR – We take definitive action, thus “dying unto” our old self.

Crucifixion – Destroying of the old self.

Stage Four

Loss of Identity – Chaos and Confusion.

Three days in the tomb.

Stage Five



Stage Six

Renewal – Acceptance and assimilation of the new way.

Ascension – Christ accepts his transfigured body.

(Source: Unburdening Souls at the Speed of Thought / Dr. Andrew J. Dobo, 2015)

This parallel illustrates the hallowed road that we must all travel with regards to our pain. Walking in faith will not only help us to find solutions more peacefully – but also to ultimately blossom into the highest, divinely-guided versions of ourselves. While the road may feel frightening and lonely, we are never truly alone. All we have to do is ask.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. – Matthew 7:7

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