Charting Your Own Path

, Charting Your Own Path

It’s easy to feel defeated by the challenges of life, but it’s important to remember that you ARE NOT your story. These are simply events that have happened to you – not who you are. We are not defined by our problems (not matter how noisy and insistent they may be!)

Each day is indeed a new opportunity to move beyond what is no longer serving us. If we choose to, we can move to a more solution-focused mindset and take our first steps toward creating the life that we want – instead of simply accepting the life that we have.

Finding solutions and designing a new game plan doesn’t have to be complicated. We can help. Please allow us to be your partner in wellness.

Wise Counseling, Inc. offers both individual and couples counseling aimed at empowering you to create your greatest quality of life. We also specialize in EMDR Therapy to help you address past trauma – and break free from unhealthy life patterns. Offices in both Fort Myers and Naples.

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