Just Breathe

, Just Breathe

Hey there, we know how hard you try. But it can sometimes be overwhelming, can’t it? There’s one important question that you can ask yourself to help add valuable clarity to your life in times of chaos.

What is actually within my control?

This simple question allows us to get real about where to place our most valuable commodity – our energy!

If we’re realistic about it, we will easily see that not every item on our mental to-do list is achievable. Issues pertaining to concerns about other people in our lives, interpersonal work dynamics and unanticipated frustrations can suck the wind from our sails before we’ve even started.

By getting clear on the things we do have control over – and tackling those first – we’ll find that we’re not only more effective but also more satisfied with the outcome. It’s a question that is primary to stepping into your own empowerment.

So ask yourself today – what actually is within my control?

Wise Counseling, Inc. offers both individual and couples counseling aimed at empowering you to create your greatest quality of life. We also specialize in EMDR Therapy to help you address past trauma – and break free from unhealthy life patterns. Offices in both Fort Myers and Naples. Please allow us to be your partner in wellness.

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