Permission to Shine

, Permission to Shine

Listen up, you were born to shine! Yet, in my counseling practice, I routinely see wonderful people who are ashamed to shine! Somehow we’ve adopted this mistaken idea that actively using our innate gifts is egotistical or prideful. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Your strengths and talents are needed by the world. They are something that you can graciously offer in order to make the world a better place. Kindness, compassion, artistic talent, organization skill, leadership qualities – each one of these, when seen in its correct light, is not selfish but instead a gift to all those who receive its benefit.

Here’s a test to see if you are inadvertently holding back your light – Ask yourself…

What are 5 of my strengths?

What are 5 of my weaknesses?

If you rattled off weaknesses quickly and easily – but hemmed and hawed on strengths – then that’s a big red flag!

Nobody is saying that you’re perfect (no one is!) but shouldn’t we at least be as clear about our positive qualities as we are about our negative ones?

So I challenge you to shine – even if shyly – today.

The world needs your light.

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