An Attitude of Gratitude


Perspective plays a huge role in how we experience our lives. While it’s easy to allow life’s hardships to attract all of our attention, most would agree that there are also some wonderful gifts existing in each life as well – people who care for us, the love of a pet, good health, friendships and opportunities.

A growing body of research is confirming what we’ve known all along – that counting your blessings makes you happier. Finding ways to place your focus on gratitude can even help to lower your blood pressure and improve your relationships.

The saying “where attention goes, energy flows” supports the idea that simply taking stock of the good things in your life may be just enough to shift us from feeling defeated to encouraged. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Helping us to step forward into each day with as much energy and enthusiasm as we can.

So, what are you grateful for?

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