Happy Relationship 101

, Happy Relationship 101

We all want it – a real and authentic relationship with someone who really appreciates us. And yet, with a divorce still hovering around the 50 percent mark, finding and then maintaining a good relationship remains a challenge.

So how do we go about infusing our romantic relationships with energy, excitement and longevity? First, are you curious about what one trait is considered the most desirable in a long term partner? Find out here.

As for relationship success, there are several areas that need care and attention to make sure that the flames of love continue to burn. These areas include:

  • Creating a shared vision for the relationship
  • Communicating in a way that diffuses defensiveness
  • Learning to control intense emotional reactions
  • Solving your solvable problems
  • Addressing underlying issues from childhood and past relationships
  • Recapturing romance, caring behaviors and fun
  • Maintaining emotional and physical intimacy
  • Discussing financial matters more lovingly and effectively

If you feel that you’re relationship is struggling with one or more of these issues, you’re not alone. Time has a way of testing all relationships. However, by learning the skills necessary to tackle these challenges, they become opportunities to achieve a whole new level of closeness.

Counseling can help bring peace back into your home and keep love where it belongs – in an honored and cherished place in your life.

Wise Counseling, Inc. offers both individual and couples counseling aimed at empowering you to create your greatest quality of life. We also specialize in EMDR Therapy to help you address past trauma – and break free from unhealthy life patterns. Offices in both Fort Myers and Naples. Please allow us to be your partner in wellness.

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