Creating a New Beginning

With the new year upon us, we can’t help but think of how we would like our lives to go – things we hope to accomplish, experiences we’d like to have and ways in which we’d like to grow. And yet, we may also think of times we’ve set the same goals for ourselves and somehow have not been able to achieve them. It can be a bittersweet feeling with part of us hopeful, and part of us discouraged to try again.

, Creating a New Beginning

We’ve all heard the old saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try again,” yet that is often easier said than done, isn’t it? So what is the determining factor behind whether you’ll finally be able to achieve that elusive goal? Science says that there is a “readiness for change” factor that needs to be in place. Check out this article on 10 things that spark people to make a major change to see if you’re ready to make your dreams a reality in 2020.

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